fernanda shot by gavriel maynard, styled by discount universe, for oyster magazine
Q: Your stuff is amazing! keep the good work up :)

A: thank you x

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Q: 1. places on your travel wishlist? 2. favourite place you have been? 3. most frustrating issue youve had with a model/or most frustrating shoot? 4. best shoot? 5. are you single? ;) heheh

1. jamaica
2. tokyo & stockholm
3. getting to the shoot and realising i forgot to charge my camera battery
4. it changes every week
5. yes haha 

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eunice shot by gavriel maynard
pama davies shot by gavriel maynard
Q: for the american apparel australian lookbook who chose the models ? was it you or ?????? you were really nice by the way <33333333 !!! xxxxxxx

A:  i chose some and they chose some, thank you x

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mali koopman by gavriel maynard for used magazine